More Hives, More Honey

All winter, Sekapp has been working hard on hand-making hives to house our honey bees. The hives will be placed throughout our acreage, each of which will produce more than 50 pounds of comb and honey by the end of summer.

Once the harvesting has begun, we’ll begin placing videos on this site of the process in action.  Check our product page for updates on when honey will be available for purchase.

Facility Construction Underway

Sekapp has begun constructing what will become our new sales room, equipment shed and production kitchen.  The new facilities will house our farming and gardening equipment, as well as be our processing center for honey harvested fresh from our farm.

Website Launch

If you’re reading this, then you are experiencing the launch of our new website.  The new look will feature regular updates, product listings, and much more.  Readers can interact in many ways, including submitting recipes for each item on our show room, and receiving regular updates from our monthly newsletter.

We appreciate any feedback you may have to offer, and would love to hear from our avid readers.  If you have any feature requests, please do not hesitate to contact us through the link in our navigation menu.