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Sekapp Orchard
Variety When Description Click Me
Chestnut Crab Sep 7 Small, sweet, and crisp
Connel Red Oct 4 Sweet and crisp, also good baking
Cortland Sep 20 Mildly tart and crisp
Dolgo Crab Aug 15 Very small and very tart
Duchess Aug 1 Tart, soft, and excellent for sauce
Empire Sep 25 Mildly tart, crisp, and excellent for sauce
Fireside Oct 5 Large, sweet, and crisp
First Kiss Aug 15 Large, sweet, and crisp
Haralson Sep 10 Tart, crisp, and perfect for baking
Honeycrisp Sep 10 Very sweet, crisp and great for everything
Honey Gold Oct 10 Very sweet, thin skinned, and tender
Jonathon Sep 23 Mildly tart, crisp, and great for cider
Keepsake Oct 10 Both sweet and tart, crisp
McIntosh Sep 7 Sweet and tender
Oriole Aug 1 Mildly tart, soft, and good for sauce
Paula Red Aug 12 Mildly tart, crisp and great for sauce
Prarie Spy Sep 20 Tart, crisp, and great for baking
Red Delicious Oct 2 Sweet and crisp
Regent Sep 29 Sweet and crisp
Sweet 16 Sep 20 Sweet and crisp
SweeTango Sep 9 Sweet and crisp
Wealthy Sep 3 Mildly tart, crisp, and great for baking
Zestar Aug 20 Both sweet and tart
5 lbs bags $8 to $15 depending on variety. Seconds of most varieties $12 per half bushell. Seconds of Honeycrisp $15 for 10 lbs.

Pick Your Own Apples

Pick-your-own apples available every day through the apple picking season or until the apples are gone. Bring the whole family (sorry, no dogs are allowed) and make an afternoon of exploring the orchard and its over 8,000 apple trees of dozens of varieties. A mininum $6 apple bag for picked apples is required for every person entering the orchard whether they intend to pick apples or not.

Large group outings please call and make a reservation.

Sekapp Orchard
3415 Collegeview Road East
Rochester, MN 55904

(507) 282-4544



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