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Hello Honey

Hello Honey! (Sekapp’s own honey)

Hello Honey

Pure honey, raw, and untreated, right from the bees that reside here in the orchard.

  • Light Honey: Light in color only, heated to just over 100 degrees for a single day before bottling.
  • Dark Honey: Heated to just over 100 degrees for a few days to give it a darker color and a slightly different taste.
  • Chunky Honey: Jars of honey with slices of comb inside to add texture and nutrition.
  • Crystalized Honey: Unheated and stored in the cooler to speed the crystalization process, makes for a thick spreadable honey with an interesting crystalized texture with the same great taste.
  • Honey Comb: An 8 ounce square cut out of the comb with the honey still in it. Mash it up and spread it on toast or just grab a fork and eat it.

Available all year (by appointment from December 26 - July 31).

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